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Mr.Peña / —Nilbog – 7-Split

Präsens Editionen is happy to release 7 Split, the 7inch split-EP featuring two tracks from Basel based Rave connoisseur Fabian Peña. Together with collaborator Jan Kunz and under the —Nilbog alias he approaches Noise and rhythms with a very specifc set of rules, while at the same time trying to break out of them. “Liverecording 02/11/16“ is an excerpt of this polar approach – an ever-changing, unpredictable and as-harsh-as-fun piece of music. On the flip side and as Mr.Peña he let’s completely loose, aiming at hardcore dance floors while achieving a balance between pure terror and pacifying joy – „TMC (The Markt Chornicles)“ is like a Mr.Mitch peace-dub of Gabber.


A1 —Nilbog – Liverecording 02/11/16


B1 Mr.Peña – TMC (The Markt Chronicles)


Written and recorded in 2016 @ Atafu Studios, produced in 2017
Special Thanks to Lendita


Mastered by Alex Buess
Design by Mr.Peña and —Nilbog
Published by Präsens Editionen / zweikommasieben Magazin, Switzerland

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