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Gated Boyhood – Gated Boyhood EP

A1 Can’t Stop Forever
A2 Bring It On Down
A3 Going Pretty
A4 Nut Gel
B1 Giddy Ona Flo
B3 Basicks


We are hyped to present the debut EP of the Swiss duo Gated Boyhood, already known as Mr.Peña and Dizco Joe. The music is a tribute to the old days when we used to dance together down in the rave cave, transferred to the present and ready to provide this feeling to both old connoisseurs as well as the new generation. We hope you enjoy this one, it’s one of the most deeply rooted projects of our label, involving many lovely people.


Tape-only version on a limited C-28 handprinted cassette. Comes in a jewel case and with a temporary tattoo. Edition of 80pcs.


Written and produced by Gated Boyhood between 2018 and 2020 in Pharmaville, Switzerland
Mastered by DTL Mastering
Design by HOMI – Christian Hofer & Lea Michel
Tape printed in collaboration with SNAC Grafik Design und Typografie
Published by BRKN Rec. (Switzerland)

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