DJ David Goblin ‎– Ork Muzik (sold out)

1. Squigpipe
2. In The Klub (Goblinized Traks)
3. Mordor Fuka
4. In The Street (Goblinized Traks)


★★★★★ “Working off of a truly inspired concept and executing it with commendable tenacity, DJ David Goblin’s debut is highly irreverent, extremely silly and genuinely incredible. Ork Muzik vividly imagines what sort of music might play in a club in Ogrimmar (or wherever 40k Orks live too I guess). The answer is: A whole lotta churlish hardcore.

The EP only contains 4 tracks; two original songs, Squigpipe and Mordor Fuka, which are a couple of fully ignorant high bpm thumpers and two meaty DJ mixes filled with tracks new and old. In The Street hits a lot of modern club fare while In The Klub seriously impresses with it’s wide range of orcish sounding music. Belgian new beat, guttural grumbling, chunky guitar riffs, royalty-free music, hooliganesque gabber and YouTube sourced mashups are all twisted and tweaked into goblinized versions of themselves to fit the theme. Add to that some ridiculous samples; ranging from high-pitched chittering, reggaeton airhorns or voice samples and dialogue brazenly lifted from Warhammer and Warcraft games and you’ve got one of the wildest mixes ever conceived.” – Fujoshi Made Me Nightcore


★★★★☆ “Piste numéro 3: Mordor Fuka. L’énergie du premier fragment, vif et persifleur, contraste avec la dimension expressive du second. Soutenu par un accompagnement orkestral d’une grande exubérance rythmique, le Big Boss intervient en crescendo pour exprimer à Gork et Mork, dieux orkoïdes, toute sa reconnaissance. Le fragment s’anime progressivement et culmine dans un ensemble vocal d’une forte intensité, pour conclure par un furioso.” – Diapason Magazine


Published by Prr! Prr! (Belgium)


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