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deco – LI$023

Anti-histrionic in nature while simultaneously fusing form and function, “deco” (LI$023) comes forward as a time capsule, preserving the current uncertainty, hesitation and burning desire; standing by, ready to be summoned upon at will.
The encroaching emotions are easily overpowering, hence its grounding and genre-avoiding properties, which soothe and excite all at once. cavernous yet warming, “deco” fulfills the role perfectly and spans over 9 recordings, including the likes of Bud Brain, Cuban Chamber of Commerce, Ice_Eyes, M.James, Nahash, Nimesay, Odete, Yvng Kik00 and ABADIR.


1. ABADIR – SDeepM 05:22

2. Nahash – Empathy 03:38

3. Bud Brain – Trash as Shoes 03:21

4. Cuban Chamber of Commerce – Goofing Off 04:56

5. Ice_Eyes – Exoplan 03:33

6. Yvng Kik00 – Taquicardia 03:27

7. M.James – Age of Decline 04:11

8. Nimesay – Save your Money 03:45

9. Odete – Herlander Melodrama 02:30


Design by Lucija Mandekić & Marko Mišković

Curated by Igor Cvitković (igen)

Published by Low Income $quad (Croatia)


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