Carval Tarek - Nation De La Boue (sold out)

A Untitled (21:00)

B Untitled (21:00)


Chopped and screwed french hardtek & german hardcore.
Jean Carvel selects, Erwan Tarek chops and dubs.


Swallowing the raver’s spine whole and spitting out the marrow, Nation De La Boue is a severely warped take on an already severe sound, masticating the rotten entrails of classic Cavage and Hangars Liquids-associated acts – UHT, Saoulaterre, Yann Dub, Bambule, No Tek – and transforming them into a disfigured and contorted mind gurn laced with lysergic voices, mutated hyper-rhythms and K-holing trapdoors.


Enregistré & mixé par Jean Carval & Erwan Tarek
Published by Editions Gravats (France)

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